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Pure blue Japan is created in Japan by a unique production method which uses a low tension production to produce a rough denim with unique slub and creating a denim that is unique. The most important area of their production involves one machine which produces their denim this machine is meticulously maintained and used to create the uneven hairy feel of the Pure Blue Japan denim. Additionally, their use of only the oldest and finest cotton mills in Okayama allows for Pure Blue Denim to produce incredibly high-quality jeans that resist fading and wear into amazing works of art.

Pure Blue Japan is a Japanese clothing company that specializes in jeans but also carries other types of clothing. To identify Pure Blue Japan denim look for a small embroidered indigo leaf on the left edge of the back right pocket. PBJ jeans are usually available in both raw and one-wash form, depending on where you are purchasing them from.

Pure Blue Japan denim is dyed with pure indigo dye from Japan by artisans who have studied their art for centuries. This form of dyeing is far superior to chemical dyes as it allows the entire thread to absorb the color rather than just the outer threads around the core. When purchasing PBJ denim items are offered in small lots typically form online retailers. The information on this site is intended to serve as a guide to assist you in choosing the correct denim for your needs.

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