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6 oz Stainless Steel Western Shirt


This shirt appears to be a regular western denim shirt at first glance, but uses an interesting material.

The weft in the material has stainless steel enclosed in it, adding a special luster and stiffness to the material. This gives the unique feature of allowing you to mold the shape. If you bunch up the material with your hands it will keep that shape, so you can mold it to add creases wherever you want.

Although it contains stainless steel, it's an ultra thin fiber, like wire. This forms the core, around which cotton is wound to form the thread. Because of the cotton coating there's no need to worry about skin irritation on contact.

The material gives a unique feeling that you wont find elsewhere.

Color : Indigo

Size Chart

size center back shoulder chest sleeve
2 (Men's/M) 66 39.5 102 65.5
3 (Men's/L) 67 40.5 106 65.5
4 (Men's/XL) 69 44 113 67.5
5 (Men's/XXL) 76 48.8 121 70.5
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