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Army Henley T-shirt


This indigo colored army henley t-shirt is a vintage design. It's knitted with four-needle embroidery, which is soft to touch and feels great against your skin.

It uses the same material as the cutsew model, which is dyed at thread level and then knitted together, a process known as yarn-dyeing. You can expect some attractive fading of the color as time goes by.

It's suitable for any season, one it's own in warm weather, or inside something else in colder weather.

Color : Indigo

Size Chart

size center back shoulder chest sleeve
2(men's/M) 66.3 43.5 110.2 19.8
3(men's/L) 68.5 46 114.4 21.1
4(men's/XL) 70.4 49.7 120 21.5
5(Men's/XXL) 72 53.5 130 22


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