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Indigo Border Crew-neck Pocket T-Shirt


This crew-neck t-shirt has an indigo and gray border print.

The border print uses fairly narrow stripes and the combination of calming colors is easy on the eye. It's a great addition to any wardrobe since it goes with any kind of bottoms.

This design includes a small pocket, which isn't just for show. It could be useful for holding small items, such as a memo pad.

The material is knitted from pre-dyed thread, and it will change color with continued use. You can expect to see a different color-change to plain t-shirts that is unique to the border print.

Color : Indigo

Size Chart

size center back shoulder chest sleeve
1 (women's/S) 59.5 40.7 98.4 17.1
2(men's/M) 62.4 43.5 110.4 19.7
3 (men's/L) 63.8 44.3 117 21.8
4 (men's/XL) 66.5 49.3 124.2 21.5
5 (Men's/XXL) 70.5 53.9 133.2 22.6


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