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Indigo Regular Straight


14 oz original deep color selvedge denim. Regular straight cut. One wash.

The biggest feature of these are without a doubt the original texture of the denim. To create this texture they are woven using thread specially spun to create a feeling of irregularity and then dyed a deep indigo color. The head of the weaving company we use said of it "This denim has a texture that is not obtainable just anywhere. I have 100% confidence in it". And seeing the workmanship in XX-003, we can agree with them.

Color : Indigo

Size Chart (One Wash)

size waist front rise back rise upper thigh length knee leg opening
28 76 25.5 34.6 28 88 21.5 19
29 79.5 26 35.5 29.5 88 21.5 19.2
30 80.5 26 37 29.7 88.5 22.2 19.4
31 83.5 26.5 37 30.5 89 22.7 20.2
32 85.7 26.7 37 31.2 89 22.7 20.2
33 88 27.6 38 32.3 89 24 20.7
34 90.5 28 38 32.5 89 24.1 21
36 95.6 29 39.4 34.8 89 25.3 22
38 100.2 30.2 40 36 89 26.5 23.8
40 105 30.9 39.4 37.3 89 27 24.2
42 110.8 31.8 42.5 39 89 28.7 25.5


Its characteristic is its flaws

(Blog article content from the Pure Blue Website)

From this week the XX-003 is in stock. Anyone who's worn them soon gets hooked on that rough denim feeling.


Here is an example of the fading that this rough denim produces.


This pair of XX-003 was worn about 4-5 times a week. The owner works in a factory. Since the jeans were starched they've never been washed, you can really see the difference in shade where fading has occurred. Even wearing them since the first wash produced this much fading.

Although some owners wash their jeans regularly there is a chance that those hard-earned creases and fading will disappear. So it might be best not to wash if you really want the best fade. Just by hanging them out in fresh air when you take them off can help keep them smelling fresh.


You can tell they were wearing an oversized pair by the diagonal creases around the thigh.


Up close you can see the roughness of the material.



Fading around the creases.


In keeping with the overall mood the button is iron. Of course if you were to leave it out in the rain it just might rust, but if you handle them like normal jeans there should be no problem.


Here is a closer look at the back.


The fading is pronounced around the upper hips through a process known as puckering. The owner obviously keeps his wallet or phone in his back pocket. It's interesting to see their lifestyle come out in their jeans.



The minor scratches around the edges just add to the elegance.


Honeycomb pattern behind the knees. It looks almost like the surface of a river.

The key point in creating creases and honeycomb patterns is preserving the wrinkles over time. Wrinkles form from rough wear and when the fabric undergoes friction.



The fading on the cuffs around the chain stitching.


A Surfer’s XX-003!

(Blog article content from the Pure Blue Website)

These XX-003 were handed in for some alterations.

The owner said they're about 4 years old.



There has been some overall fading, but the creases and honeycomb patterns are coming along well.

The owner is a mechanic (looks like they do some painting too..) and surfs in their spare time. Because of their very active lifestyle fading may have been accelerated in some areas.


A good example of some creases.

Fading around the front button.


Scattered paint.


Wear and tear around the puckering and hidden rivets.


This leaf is starting to show its age.


Wearing a loose fit like this might produce a honeycomb pattern with less impact than in slim fit jeans but this pattern is quite natural looking.


They must be wearing jeans a little on the long side.

This pair really show signs of heavy wear, which can be expected from their regular use, both in work and to the sea.


These jeans started their journey in May 2008. That makes it about 4 years and 4 months to date. Based on their appearance it seems the owner washes them infrequently.

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