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Indigo Slim Straight


14 oz original deep color selvedge denim. Slim straight. One wash.

One of Pure Blue Japan's foremost products. A slim straight cut using special original denim with a characteristic rough feeling.

Usually with slim jeans you get a thin leg right down to the hem, but the span from the knees down on these XX-005 is kept the same width. This products the effect of making the legs look nice and longer.

Because to the original rough denim, these jeans offer a feeling of roughness that you won't find in other models.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Pure Indigo
  • Sheepskin leather patch
  • 100% cotton thread sewing construction
  • Made In Japan

PBJ original slubby texture denims, which include the XX-003, XX-004, XX-005, XX-005BK, XX-007, XX-009, XX-010, XX-013, NC-005, and NC-013, are all woven using the same single shuttle loom machine which was manipulated and rigged in such a way as to create this unique loose and uneven weave, and only for use by Pure Blue Japan.

Only the models mentioned above are woven on this one machine, which must be shared and divided into small productions of each denim throughout the year. Because of this, the quantity produced is small and infrequent which makes these jeans that much more special and unique.

Color : Indigo

Size Chart

size (one wash) waist front rise back rise upper thigh length knee leg opening
26 70 22.6 31.4 26 89 17.2 17
27 72 22.7 31.5 26.6 89 18 17.5
28 75 23.3 32 27.5 89 18.2 18.2
29 78 24.5 32.8 28 89.4 18.8 18.8
30 79.6 25 33.8 28.5 89.5 20 19.8
31 83 25.5 34 29 89.5 20 19.8
32 85.5 26 34.5 30.6 89.5 20.7 20.7
33 88 25.5 34.8 31 89.5 21.5 22
34 90.5 26 35 32 89.5 21.8 21
36 94.3 27 36 33.4 89.5 22.9 22.9
38 101 28.2 37.9 35.5 90 24.5 24.2

unit : cm

At last, number one!

(Blog article content from the Pure Blue Website)

The top spot in the sales rankings goes to the XX-005 original deep color selvedge slim straight.


It uses the same material at the XX-003, which took second place, but the shape is different. It's quite similar to the XX-003 but the XX-005 edges it on popularity.

Recently skinny jeans have been popular in casual fashion. However, with these slim fit, they are not tapered below the knees and fit almost all body types.


Since the fabric is the same as in XX-003 you can see a similar fading pattern. However, with the different shape you can expect fading to occur in different ways.

For example, compared to a regular fit the slim fit is tighter around the knees.


So when you bend your knees you get these narrow wrinkles. You can expect the first type of fading to be honeycombing around the back of the knees.


The creases are more pronounced than in a regular fit.



Here are the creases on the front. The crease formations will depend on the person, but in this case there are not many diagonal creases (In this case it's because the fit is just perfect).


The perfect fit results is a lack of diagonal wrinkles visible in the XX-003 fading sample. In their place we see horizontal creases.


The color fading on these pair still has a long way to go.


Cyclists may find that this area will fade and crease faster. The pace of fading is proportional to the amount of friction on the jeans. Areas with lots of friction will experience a lot of damage.


The crotch area is the one that most often requires repair work. In this case you can see some minor thinning of the material. Although repairing torn crotches is possible, it's better to get it done before any ripping occurs.

Leather patch



You can see the patch has become a lot softer and more flexible.

Here's a comparison of width between slim and regular cut.


The right is regular with slim on the left.


Laying one on top of the other.

The bottom pair is regular with slim on top. The difference in measurement is 2 cm on one side, so 4 cm all around.

The XX-005 are medium rise jeans, slightly on the low side.



The bottom is regular with slim on top.

The difference in rise size is about 2.5 - 3 cm. However even this difference would not put them in the low-rise category.

Nice fading at Hong Kong

(Blog article content from the Pure Blue Website)

These XX-005 are worn by a staff member in Take5, Hong Kong which is a distributor for Pure Blue Japan products.



Wear and tear has given them a vintage look.




The damages throughout the jeans show how much he has worn them.


Measurements are in inches and for the Raw version (before washing):

Measurements are in inches and for the Once Washed version:

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