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Deep Indigo Slim Straight


14 oz original deep indigo selvedge denim. Slim straight. One Wash.

The XX-007 is a 100% indigo woven denim, not overdyed. The most common indigo denims are woven with vertical indigo warp threads and horizontal undyed weft yarns. The XX-007 uses genuine indigo dyed warp and weft (threads and yarns) to create a solid blue indigo jean.

The warp is the same original type as in XX-003, XX-004 and XX-005 which are made by Pure Blue. Both the warp and weft in this denim material are dyed indigo using rope dyeing. The weft is a different thickness.

The cores of these threads and yarns remain undyed as the indigo does not fully penetrate to the centers. This allows for contrast fading similar to that of traditional blue jeans but with a unique blue overcast.

The uneven, rough quality is the same, and the weft peeping out on the surface give it a very deep indigo color. To help preserve that deep color the stitching is black and navy with black little herringbone stitching in the pockets.

The shape is the same slim straight as the XX-005.

  • 14oz original Japanese selvage denim
  • 100% Cotton
  • Pure Indigo
  • Deer Skin leather patch
  • 100% cotton thread sewing construction
  • Made In Japan

Color : Indigo

Size Chart (After one wash)

size waist front rise back rise upper thigh length knee leg opening
26 72.2 22 31 25.5 88 17.2 17.5
27 73.2 23 31.5 26.5 88 17.5 18
28 75.5 24 32.5 27.2 88 17.7 18
29 78.3 24.2 33.5 28 89 19.1 18.7
30 80.5 24.8 34.3 28.8 89 19.7 19
31 84 25 34.5 29.4 89 20 20.2
32 85.5 25.5 34.6 30 89 20.5 20.6
33 88 26 35.3 30.8 89 21 21
34 90.5 26.5 35.5 31.5 89 21.5 21
36 95 27 36 33 89 23 23
38 100 28 36.8 34.5 89.5 23.8 23.7


Special Edition

(Blog article content from the Pure Blue Website)

In the rankings mentioned elsewhere XX-007 lost out to third place by a small margin to come fourth.

XX-007-6.jpg XX-007-7.jpg

This model is a forerunner for Pure Blue Japan's range of more eccentric jeans. Jeans, which were originally work clothes, have become smart and fashionable. exemplified by this model.

It might suit those who are a little tired of regular denim, and looking for something with a little more individuality. The smart look make them even suitable in the workplace.

This material has a deep indigo color that just begs for attention. To emphasize the indigo color, the buttons, rivets and stitching is all black, which has the effect of hiding their presence. Since the color is so deep you might imagine it won't fade easily. However, as we'll see, this isn't the case.

XX-007-8.jpg XX-007-9.jpg

This pair is about one year old. Notice that the pace of fading is similar to the XX-005. The reason is that this denim doesn't get its deep color from a specially deep color dye. Using the same logic as in purple denim, both the horizontal and vertical threads are dyed indigo, which produces the deep color.

XX-007-10.jpg XX-007-11.jpg

Another result is that there is a stark contrast between faded and non-faded areas, giving the jeans real depth.

XX-007-12.jpg XX-007-13.jpg

Little spots like this are normal.

XX-007-14.jpg XX-007-15.jpg

Here you can see fading even on the inside.

XX-007-16.jpg XX-007-17.jpg

The leather patch is the same orange color as the XX-010.

XX-007-18.jpg XX-007-19.jpg

The belt loops and leaf mark have aged nicely too.


Despite not ranking in the top three sellers it's still a popular model.

XX-007 Fading

(Blog article content from the Pure Blue Website)

Here's a great example of well aged jeans.


This customer came to have some repair work done on his pair of XX-007. The material has been roughened up, obvious even without a closeup shot. They've been worn for approximately two years.


The area to be repaired was the side of the buttocks. Repair work involved patching the tear up.

Normal denim will show up white when scratched, but as you can see the XX-007 remains indigo.


3 year old XX-007

(Blog article content from the Pure Blue Website)

These XX-007 Deep indigo slim straight jeans have been worn for 3 years.



There is noticeable fading of the deep color on both sides.




The black coating on the buttons have peeled off nicely.







Looking at the worn areas you can see the indigo color of the weft.





Period worn : 3 years Frequency : Almost everyday Washing : About once every two months

Measurements are in inches and for the Raw version (before washing):

Pbj 007 raw before.gif

Measurements are in inches and for the Once Washed version:

Pbj 007 ow after.gif

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