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Pure Blue Japan - XX-014 Purple Face Slim Tapered Leg

Pure Blue Japan XX-014 (Purple Face)

Blue in Green exclusive model

An exclusive model to New York denim specialist store, Blue in Green, the XX-0014 is a slubby collaborative denim with Syoaiya that bears the slim tapered XX-013 silhouette with the XX-010 “Purple Face” finish.

  • Syoaiya x Blue in Green Design Collaboration Slim Tapered Leg Fit
  • XX-013 silhouette
  • 14oz PBJ original slubby Japanese selvage denim
  • Deep Indigo warp threads interwoven with Purple dyed weft yarns
  • 100% Cotton
  • Herringbone Twill pocket lining
  • Deerskin leather patch
  • 100% cotton thread sewing construction
  • Available in Raw/Unwashed and Once Washed
  • Made In Japan

Measurements are in inches and for the Raw version (before washing):

Measurements are in inches and for the Once Washed version:

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