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Purple Face Slim Straight


14 oz original purple face selvedge denim. Slim straight. One wash.

The warp used is Pure Blue's own indigo deep color thread, while the weft is dyed purple. You can expect the same uneven, rough quality as in XX-003, XX-004, XX-005, XX-007 and XX-009. The shape is the same slim straight as in XX-005 and XX-007 so you can expect similar fading patterns to occur with wear.

The deep indigo mixed with purple threads a fine line between plain and flashy. The possibilities for new fading patterns are sure to excite denim lovers.

  • XX-005 Silhouette
  • 14oz PBJ original slubby Japanese selvage denim
  • Deep Indigo warp threads interwoven with Purple dyed weft yarns
  • 100% Cotton
  • Herringbone Twill pocket lining
  • Deerskin leather patch
  • 100% cotton thread sewing construction
  • Available in Raw/Unwashed and Once Washed
  • Made In Japan

Color : Purple Face

Size Chart (One wash)

size waist front rise back rise upper thigh length knee leg opening
27 72.7 22.5 31.3 26 89 17.8 17.8
28 75.2 23.5 32.5 27.7 89 18.4 18.6
29 77.3 24 33 28.3 89 19 19
30 80.5 24.5 33.8 28.9 89 19.3 19.5
31 82.3 24.7 34.5 29.2 89 19.8 19.5
32 85.5 25.5 34.5 30 89 20.3 20
33 87.5 25.5 34.8 31 89 21.2 21
34 89 25.7 35.2 32 89 21.6 21.8
36 93.6 27 36.3 33.6 89 23 23
38 101.9 28.5 37.8 34.8 89.2 24 24.2


Sales Ranking of the XX Series

(Blog article content from the Pure Blue Website)

Since the founding of Pure Blue Japan the XX series has led the field in jeans development. The series has increased to over 10 types (including indigo and other dyed models)

Here are the sales rankings for the top three models for the past year, the 'XX of the year'.

In 3rd place is the XX-010 Purple Face Slim Straight


Although this announcement comes just two years since their release these purple face denim have already reached third position.

Just like the name says they have a purple tint, the reason being the purple thread used in the weft. However the warp, which is important for fading, is indigo allowing for the regular fading over time.

After wearing them for about one year this is the result.


Here's an example of some nice fading (Results will differ depending on frequency and range of movement)

As you can see, the results are comparable to orthodox indigo denim, with the added bonus of having an original color blend. This pair haven't been starched and were worn raw. The creases are quite clearly pronounced.

Here's a look at the aging of the back side.

XX-010-8.jpg XX-010-9.jpg

As you can see here the material doesn't fade to purple.

XX-010-10.jpg XX-010-11.jpg

The surface is rough fabric so you get these little bumps with aging.

Looking at other areas:

XX-010-12.jpg XX-010-13.jpg XX-010-14.jpg XX-010-15.jpg

XX-010-16.jpg XX-010-17.jpg XX-010-18.jpg XX-010-19.jpg

The peeling of the button coating and damage to the leaf embroidery add to the appeal.


The buttons and rivets as well as the pockets are all colored black.


The label, which was originally orange, has now turned a sort of amber / caramel color. This type of denim is unique to Pure Blue Japan and is popular both in Japan and around the world.

The top two in the rankings will be announced elsewhere.


Must see! XX-010 fading after two years

(Blog article content from the Pure Blue Website)

XX-010 Purple face denim slim straight, 2 years-old.












As you can see, as the Purple Face Denim fades further it starts to resemble regular indigo denim. That's because the most important part of fading is the warp, which is rope-dyed indigo here.

It has taken damage in a few places revealing the purple of the weft and giving it a nice flavor.

This pair is a treasured part of the customers wardrobe and they came in to get some repair done on the crotch area.

The heavy fading is simply a result of wearing them regularly.



Damage to purple face jeans tends to stand out more easily so it may be hard to repair them perfectly.

Duration of wear : Two years Frequency of washing : The owner held off washing them for a while but then started washing regularly

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