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Left Hand Selvage Denim Tapered Slim


13.5 oz original left-hand twill selvedge denim. Tapered slim. One wash.

It's woven using 13.5 oz denim with indigo warp and gray waft. They're tapered slightly to the hem, and compared to the slim straight cut of the XX-005 it's tighter from the knees down. It has a low rise and a shape that is quite refined matching current trends.

It has a modern shape with a slim cut and tapered leg opening. The fabric used for this denim is a left hand twill, a type of twill weave which is less common than the more common right hand twill.

Denim manufacturers claim that left hand twill tends to lead to a softer fabric that other weaves. Another notable difference between the two twills is that left hand twill will fade in a different way to right hand twill. You can expect a clean, clear color loss over time.

The rare left hand twill fabric coupled with the gray weft yarns used to give the subtle color undertone of the denim, make these a very unique pair of jeans.

  • 13.5 ounce Japanese selvage denim
  • 100% Cotton
  • Left Hand Twill weave - Pure Indigo warp threads with Grey Weft Yarns
  • 100% cotton thread sewing construction
  • Made In Japan

Color : Indigo / Gray

Size Chart (One wash)

size waist front rise back rise upper thigh length knee leg opening
27 72 22.5 31 26 89 16.5 15.7
28 75.5 23.5 32.5 27 89 17 16.5
29 78 23.7 33 28 89.5 17.7 16.5
30 80.5 24 33 28.5 89.5 18.3 17.5
31 82 24 33.5 29 89.5 18.7 17.5
32 84.5 25 34.5 30 89.5 19.5 18.7
33 87 25.3 34.5 31 90 20 19
34 90 26 35 31.5 90 20.3 19.5
36 94 26.2 36.3 33 90 22 21
38 98 87.7 37 34.8 90 22.6 22


Feel the intensity of the XX-011

(Blog article content from the Pure Blue Website)

The following photos were submitted by a Pure Blue customer in Okayama are of their year-and-a-half old XX-011.



They praised the jeans for their fading and the heavy thread which Pure Blue uses in the stitching; "I often get praised about back of my jeans which are nicely faded. I'm also really impressed with the heavy stitching"


Honeycomb formation at the back of the knees.


Some examples of creases.


The XX-011 uses left-hand twill material which is not rough. Because of this you get very clear vertical fading. Since they are so thin the wrinkles behind the knees mount up every time you bend your knees and form into a honeycomb pattern.

The owner washed them twice overall, once after the initial starching and then once again after eight months. He wears them almost everyday and moves around a lot in them.

According to him, after taking them off he turns them inside out and hangs them up. This helps keep them fresh and prevent damage.

Beautiful Jeans

(Blog article content from the Pure Blue Website)

Here's a pair of customer-worn jeans.


He came to our Harajuku store all the way from Canada.


Behind the knees.

As mentioned, slim fit jeans get a lot of wrinkles on this spot which creates good fading like in this case.



One of the features of the XX-011 is “Tate-ochi”, or "Vertical fading". He has worn these jeans for 14 months and washed them twice.



Blemishes to the hem, pocket and embroidery.

Nice Fading

(Blog article content from the Pure Blue Website)

These are a pair of approximately one-year old XX-011.


Back of the knee. It looks more similar to the surface of water than honeycomb.


They were brought in for repair.

The owner travels a lot and wore them almost every day. He mentioned that he washes them whenever necessary. The wear and tear reflects his lifestyle and adds character.


Because of the left-hand twilling of the XX-011 it's not rough. The main characteristic is the vertical fading.


The slim fit produces a lot of wrinkles behind the knees.


Possibly the outline of a phone.




Customer’s cool jeans

(Blog article content from the Pure Blue Website)

The owner of these jeans had been wearing them for 2 years and they were nearly worn out. He came to the store from the USA to get a new pair!







2 year old XX-011

(Blog article content from the Pure Blue Website)

Left-hand tapered slim fit - Worn for 2 years.



These jeans, with their eye-catching vertical fading, are a two-year old pair of XX-011s, the only Pure Blue Japan with left hand twilling. You can see a good example of the natural creases and fading unique to slim fit jeans.



Here you can see the dates when he washed the jeans.






Recording the dates of washes, some self repair and marks from a coin purse all add to the sense of attachment the owner has to these jeans.

These jeans still have some time to develop and change further.

Period of wear : About 2 years Frequency of wear : Just around the house in the summer, otherwise around 4 times a week. Frequency of washing : Total 4 times

Expected shrinkage with hot washing - Waist 2", Rise 0.5", Leg 0.5", Inseam 2.5"

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